New Feature ของ directadmin 1.4.11

ทาง 24cmshost ได้ทำการ update เป็น version ล่าสุดแล้วครับ

06/19/12 Version 1.411
improved tokenizing on dns_*.conf files [feature]
SSLCACertificateFile in VH’s in ips.conf [feature]
Add Host header to connections in mutli server setup [feature]
User Restore options need unique identifier (SKINS) [bugfix]
Brute force reporting values in encoded form [bugfix]
Ensure difficult password is used with “Reset Password” option [bugfix]
06/10/12 Version 1.41
MAILTO for cronjobs (SKINS) [feature]
CMD_LOGIN_KEYS to Reseller/User Packages (SKINS) ** Manditory Skin Changes ** [feature]
CMD_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS to list multi-ips [feature]
ssl_ignore_when_local [feature]
DNS Admin column for local mail [feature]
AJAX (SKINS) (BETA) [feature]
Removed NameVirtualHost from ips.conf if Apache 2.4 is used [feature]
Ability to exclude DB data from backup, but include DB Settings (SKINS) [feature]
Ability to reset today’s email usage count to allow more sends [feature]
FileManager icons upgraded and set to transparent png (SKINS) [feature]
Added |?HEADER| support to lost_password_email.txt [feature]
Ability to suppress BFM messages [feature] [feature]
Display time of last DA restart (SKINS) [feature] and [feature]
Suspend date [feature]
MD5sum on services.tar.gz [feature]
encode usernames [bugfix]
remove IP with IPv6 [bugfix]
dovecot 2.1.0 logging change for BFM [bugfix]
internal mimtypes.txt wasn’t being used [bugfix]
ssl_port is ignored when running in debug mode [bugfix] to check max_username_length [bugfix]
Changing password when quotas are full can break ~/.shadow [bugfix]
SIGTERM not killing all child processes if numservers>20 [bugfix]
anonymous ftp doesn’t work with secure_access_group [bugfix]
Add timestamp hour offset for FileManager [bugfix]
pureftpd not in brute_filter.list [bugfix]
login-as to support more than 1 level down (SKINS) [bugfix]
Backup to allow tar exit code 256 (–ignore-failed-read) [bugfix]
security: encoding of domain output on CMD_DOMAIN [bugfix]
Reset count on IP in BFM during unblock [bugfix]
subdomain_owner_check: Allow if is already in list [bugfix]


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